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Angelov, Plamen - Advances in Big Data, ebook

Advances in Big Data

Angelov, Plamen


Incremental Estimation of Visual Vocabulary Size for Image Retrieval
Ilias Gialampoukidis, Stefanos Vrochidis, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
5. Attribute Learning for Network Intrusion Detection
Jorge Luis Rivero Pérez, Bernardete Ribeiro
6. Sampling Methods

Tsihrintzis, George A. - Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services, ebook

Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services

Tsihrintzis, George A.


Table of contents
1. Adapting Spreading Activation Techniques towards a New Approach to Content-Based Recommender Systems
Yolanda Blanco-Fernández, Martín López-Nores, José J. Pazos-Arias
2. A Framework for Automatic Detection of Abandoned Luggage in Airport Terminal
Grzegorz Szwoch, Piotr Dalka, Andrzej

Ahmed, Mohamed Ben - Innovations in Smart Cities and Applications, ebook

Innovations in Smart Cities and Applications

Ahmed, Mohamed Ben


Combined Mean Shift and Interactive Multiple Model for Visual Tracking by Fusing Multiple Cues
Younes Dhassi, Abdellah Aarab
27. A New Task Scheduling Algorithm for Improving Tasks Execution Time in Cloud Computing
Naoufal Er-raji, Faouzia Benabbou, Ahmed

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, ebook

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


The Research of Audio-Visual Teaching in College Physics Teaching Practice
Xiaojie Xu, Zhenshen Liu
38. Teaching Object Oriented Database with Db4o
Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Yanying Zheng, Michael Berry, Yan Wang, Yeli Li
39. Application of Streaming