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Budde, Florian - Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry, ebook

Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry

Budde, Florian


Written by a global team of top managers and senior McKinsey experts, this expanded and completely revised second edition provides a wide-ranging manual on the subject of value creation in the chemical industry.
Drawing on extensive first-hand management experience, several hundred

Paul, Ron - The Dao of Capital: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World, ebook

The Dao of Capital: Austrian Investing in a Distorted World

Paul, Ron


As today's preeminent doomsday investor Mark Spitznagel describes his Daoist and roundabout investment approach, “one gains by losing and loses by gaining.” This is Austrian Investing, an archetypal, counterintuitive, and proven approach, gleaned from the 150-year-old Austrian

Sethi, Suresh P. - Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks, ebook

Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks

Sethi, Suresh P.


A Comparison Between Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) and Value Stream Costing (VSC) in an Auto-Parts Factory
Patxi Ruiz de Arbulo, Jordi Fortuny, Javier García, Pablo Díaz de Basurto, Enara Zarrabeitia
15. The Link Between Following a Project Management

Zeng, Dehuai - Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, ebook

Advances in Computer Science and Engineering

Zeng, Dehuai


Enterprise Mergers and Acquisitions in the Light of the Value Chain Optimization
Congzhi Di, Fusheng Yu
27. Research on Fire Distance Education and Training System Based on Multi-Agent
Wang Wei
28. NoC Router Power Macro-modeling at High Level

Gil, Eduardo - The Mathematics of the Uncertain, ebook

The Mathematics of the Uncertain

Gil, Eduardo


Fuzzy Multi-criteria Support for Sustainable and Social Responsible Investments: The Case of Investors with Loss Aversion
Amelia Bilbao-Terol, Mariano Jiménez-López, Mar Arenas-Parra, M. Victoria Rodríguez-Uría
52. Graphical Exploratory Analysis of Fuzzy

Tan, Honghua - Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, ebook

Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

Tan, Honghua


Study of the Impact of Legal Protection of Investors on the Cash Dividend Policy
Fulian Shi, Jing Guo, Ran Li
78. Design of Greenhouse Environment Wireless Monitoring System Based on ZigBee
Hui Wang, Xue-ren Dong, Yu-zhen Ma, Xiao-wei Yang, Feng-nan Liu

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science I, ebook

Informatics and Management Science I

Du, Wenjiang


Study on Influences of Fair Value on Risk Management of Commercial Banks and Coping Strategies
Boyao Wei
60. Study on Financial Development Based on Dynamic Panel Data Model
Huizhong Liu, Xue Tian, Xiaoyin Hou, Yuhang Li
61. Second-Order Factor Analysis