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Jackson, Mark J. - Machining with Nanomaterials, ebook

Machining with Nanomaterials

Jackson, Mark J.


Machining Brittle Materials Using Nanostructured Diamond Tools
Mark J. Jackson, Jonathan Morrell
7. Analysis of Contact Between Chip and Tool Using Nanostructured Coated Cutting Tools
Mark J. Jackson, Jonathan Morrell

Denkena, Berend - New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry, ebook

New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

Denkena, Berend


Development of Machining Strategies for Aerospace Components, Using Virtual Machining Tools
L. Estman, D. Merdol, K.-G. Brask, V. Kalhori, Y. Altintas
10. Influence of 5-axes-kinematics Geometrical Accuracy in Riblet Manufacturing Processes
Berend Denkena,

Ersal, Tulga - Time Delay Systems, ebook

Time Delay Systems

Ersal, Tulga


Experimental Validation of Robust Chatter Control for High-Speed Milling Processes
N. Wouw, N. J. M. Dijk, A. Schiffler, H. Nijmeijer, E. Abele
22. Time-Delay Identification for Linear Systems: A Practical Method Using

Proulx, Tom - Modal Analysis Topics, Volume 3, ebook

Modal Analysis Topics, Volume 3

Proulx, Tom


Output-Only Modal Analysis Using Continuous-Scan Laser Doppler Vibrometry and Application to a 20kW Wind Turbine
Shifei Yang, Matthew S. Allen
6. Coupling a compliant structure with a Hand – arm system using FBS
Sébastien Perrier, Yvan Champoux, Jean-Marc

Allemang, Randall - Topics in Modal Analysis, Volume 7, ebook

Topics in Modal Analysis, Volume 7

Allemang, Randall


Damage Detection Using Flexibility Proportional Coordinate Modal Assurance Criterion
Luciana Balsamo, Suparno Mukhopadhyay, Raimondo Betti, Hilmi Lus
2. Automated Selection of Damage Detection Features by Genetic Programming
Dustin Harvey, Michael Todd

Bhatia, Sanjiv K. - Advances in Computer and Computational Sciences, ebook

Advances in Computer and Computational Sciences

Bhatia, Sanjiv K.


Bit Error Rate (BER) Performance Enhancement for Wireless Communication System Using Modified Turbo Codes
Garima Mahendru, Monica Kaushik, Monika Arora, Utkarsh Pandey, Apoorv Agarwal, Jagjot Singh Khokhar
29. A Timestamp-Based Strong Designated Verifier Signature