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Urban, Gerald A. - BioMEMS, ebook


Urban, Gerald A.


Urban, Otto Prohaska, Fethi Olcaytug
2. Multi-Parameter Biomems for Clinical Monitoring
Isabella Moser
3. Neural Implants in Clinical Practice
Thomas Stieglitz, Joerg-Uwe Meyer
4. Biomedical Microdevices for Neural Implants
Thomas Stieglitz,

Urban, Marek W. - Handbook of Stimuli-Responsive Materials, ebook

Handbook of Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Urban, Marek W.


The Handbook on Stimuli-Responsive Materials is providing the scientific community with the comprehensive developments of scientific findings and advanced technologies - all necessary factors to propel the development of polymeric, ceramic, metallic,…

Rauch, Sébastien - Urban Environment, ebook

Urban Environment

Rauch, Sébastien


Urban Management and Spatial Planning
1. Overview of Material and Energy Flows in Water Infrastructures in Context of Urban Metabolism
Eve Menger-Krug, Jutta Niederste-Hollenberg, Thomas Hillenbrand
2. Improvement of the Statutory Framework for Construction

McBride, Joe R. - The World’s Urban Forests, ebook

The World’s Urban Forests

McBride, Joe R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joe R. McBride
2. Methods
Joe R. McBride
3. Biomes, Human Settlement, and the Selection of Cities
Joe R. McBride
4. History
Joe R. McBride
5. Composition
Joe R. McBride
6. Design
Joe R. McBride
7. Function
Joe R. McBride
8. Management

Yuan, Chao - Urban Wind Environment, ebook

Urban Wind Environment

Yuan, Chao


Urban Scale Wind Environment
2. Empirical Morphological Model to Evaluate Urban Wind Permeability in High-Density Cities
Chao Yuan
3. Implementation of Morphological Method in Urban Planning
Chao Yuan
Part II.

Fernández, Roberto Álvarez - Carbon Footprint and Urban Planning, ebook

Carbon Footprint and Urban Planning

Fernández, Roberto Álvarez


Introduction: Importance of Urban Planning and Carbon Footprint
Sergio Zubelzu, Roberto Álvarez Fernández
2. Theoretical Framework
Sergio Zubelzu, Roberto Álvarez Fernández
3. Carbon Footprint Calculation
Sergio Zubelzu, Roberto Álvarez Fernández

Wellman, K. - Urban Infrastructure: Finance and Management, ebook

Urban Infrastructure: Finance and Management

Wellman, K.


The magnitude of investment, the long time-frames involved and the influence of pre-existing infrastructure on urban infrastructure provision make a co-ordinated approach to forward-planning, policy development and implementation essential.
There are major challenges in making