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Luo, Jia - Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology, ebook

Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology

Luo, Jia


The Deepening of International Labor’s Division and Transnational Human Resource Management
Lin Zhang, Ming-fu Cao
61. Analysis of the Role Played by Garment CAD Technology in China’s Garment Industry Development
Baoqin Sun
62. Cultural Reflection

Niţoiu, Cristian - The EU Foreign Policy Analysis, ebook

The EU Foreign Policy Analysis

Niţoiu, Cristian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cristian Niţoiu
2. Democratic Legitimacy and EU Foreign Policy: Is Such a Link Conceivable?
Cristian Niţoiu
3. Mapping Interaction Effects within the Media/Foreign Policy Nexus
Cristian Niţoiu
4. Research Framework and Methods
Cristian Niţoiu
5. The Transnational

Hudson, Leila - Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring, ebook

Media Evolution on the Eve of the Arab Spring

Hudson, Leila


New Media, Social Change, and the Communication Revolution in an Egyptian Village
Sahar Khamis
4. Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere: Politics, Culture, and Dissent
Bruce Etling, John Kelly, Robert Faris, John Palfrey
5. From Brotherhood to Blogosphere:

Pereira, Ricardo - Environmental and Energy Law, ebook

Environmental and Energy Law

Pereira, Ricardo


The EU and the UK have contributed to the development of  the environmental and energy law regimes currently in force, spanning across international, transnational and national levels. At the same time, practical responses to environmental and energy problems have