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Donenfeld, Maya - Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials, ebook

Reinvention: Sewing with Rescued Materials

Donenfeld, Maya


As a response, a vibrant Do It Yourself movement has risen to reclaim age old traditions that reconnect us to slower and simpler times. A sewing renaissance has been set in motion at a time in history when economic instability and an awareness of the importance of

Evgrafov, Alexander - Advances in Mechanical Engineering, ebook

Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Evgrafov, Alexander


Programmable Movement Synthesis for the Mobile Robot with the Orthogonal Walking Drivers
Victor Zhoga, Vladimir Skakunov, Ilya Shamanov, Andrey Gavrilov
15. Processing of Data from the Camera of Structured Light for Algorithms of Image Analysis in Control Systems

Pande, Anurag - Traffic Engineering Handbook, ebook

Traffic Engineering Handbook

Pande, Anurag


Get a complete look into modern traffic engineering solutions
Traffic Engineering Handbook, Seventh Edition is a newly revised text that builds upon the reputation as the go-to source of essential traffic engineering solutions that this book has maintained for the past 70 years. The

Hedges, Keith E. - Architectural Graphic Standards, ebook

Architectural Graphic Standards

Hedges, Keith E.


Covering design and documentation for a variety of projects, this book offers extensive visuals backed by expert discussion to prepare students for work in a modern professional practice. This new 12th edition has been significantly updated to provide the latest information

Goossens, Richard H.M. - Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics, ebook

Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics

Goossens, Richard H.M.


Upper Limb Repetitive Movement Risk Assessment by Means of sEMG Parameters
Alessio Silvetti, Giorgia Chini, Alberto Ranavolo, Francesco Draicchio
23. The Impact of Ergonomic Exposures on the Occurrence of Back Pain or Discomfort: Results from the First Working