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Helm, Dieter - Climate Change Policy, ebook

Climate Change Policy

Helm, Dieter


Few European countries are on course to meet their own national targets, and even if fully implemented, it is widely acknowledged that the Kyoto Protocol would make little difference to the carbon concentrations in the atmosphere. In consequence, there is a search

Auer, Michael E. - Online Engineering & Internet of Things, ebook

Online Engineering & Internet of Things

Auer, Michael E.


Online Course on Cyberphysical Systems with Remote Access to Robotic Devices
Janusz Zalewski, Fernando Gonzalez
39. Models and Smart Adaptive Interfaces for the Improvement of the Remote Laboratories User Experience in Education
Luis Felipe Zapata Rivera,

Boehm, Barry - Disciplinary Convergence in Systems Engineering Research, ebook

Disciplinary Convergence in Systems Engineering Research

Boehm, Barry


Interactive Model Trading for Resilient Systems Decisions
Adam M. Ross, Donna H. Rhodes
9. An Empirical Study of Technical Debt in Open-Source Software Systems
Reem Alfayez, Celia Chen, Pooyan Behnamghader, Kamonphop Srisopha, Barry Boehm
Part II. System-of-Systems