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Norris, Pat - Spies in the Sky, ebook

Spies in the Sky

Norris, Pat


Table of contents
1. Sputnik
2. After 50 years—satellites in our daily lives
3. Cold War nuclear stand-off
4. Spy satellites
5. Problems of verifying an Arms Limitation Treaty
6. The road to SALT-I
8. The other Cold War nuclear powers—China, the UK, France
9. After the Cold War—regional

Johnson, Les - Sky Alert!, ebook

Sky Alert!

Johnson, Les


Table of contents
1. Chapter Summaries
Les Johnson
2. Introduction
Les Johnson
Part 1. How We Might Lose Our Satellites
3. 1 Orbital Debris
Les Johnson
4. 2 Space War
Les Johnson
5. 3 Solar Storms
Les Johnson
Part 2. If We Were to Lose our Satellites …
6. 4 The Global

Rudolph, Hans-Jürgen - Audi Q3, ebook

Audi Q3

Rudolph, Hans-Jürgen


Helmut Hummel, Anton Spies, Fernando Quilez Calvo
20. Karosserieelektronik
Frank Müller, Markus Bonschab, Martin Geissenhöner, Peter Becker
21. Funktionsintegration
Tobias Bumes, Jörg Schlinkheider
22. Martorell – ein neuer Standort

Ciszak, Olaf - Advances in Manufacturing, ebook

Advances in Manufacturing

Ciszak, Olaf


I Spy, with My Little Eye: Quality Standards of Different Target Groups
Beatrice M. Rich, Jane Worlitz, Stefan Peplowsky, Ralf Woll
83. Reduction of Errors of the Conformity Assessment During the Visual Inspection of Electrical Devices
Krzysztof Knop,