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Shayler, David J. - Space Rescue, ebook

Space Rescue

Shayler, David J.


Table of contents
1. STS-107: Rescue or repair?
2. Space: A final frontier
3. Training to survive
4. Pad escape
5. Launch escape, 1: Escape towers
6. Launch escape, 2: Ejection seats
7. Away from Earth
8. Return to Earth

Venet, Christophe - European Identity through Space, ebook

European Identity through Space

Venet, Christophe


A European identity through space — what have we achieved?
Jean-Jacques Dordain
Chapter 1. Perspectives From Space Studies
4. Space, pride, and identity
Michael Gleason
5. The European identity in space: An

Evans, Ben - At Home in Space, ebook

At Home in Space

Evans, Ben


Table of contents
1. Unlikely partners
Ben Evans
2. A home after Apollo
Ben Evans
3. A tale of science, sickness and the Sun
Ben Evans
4. Red stars in the East
Ben Evans
5. Dreams and nightmares
Ben Evans

Harland, David M - The Story of Space Station Mir, ebook

The Story of Space Station Mir

Harland, David M


Table of contents
1. Getting started
2. Routine operations
3. A step towards continuous occupancy
4. A base block for modular construction
5. An astrophysical laboratory
6. A microgravity laboratory for hire
7. Expansion or abandonment?

Harris, Philip Robert - Space Enterprise, ebook

Space Enterprise

Harris, Philip Robert


Toward a global space vision, ethos, and enterprise
2. Human space exploration and settlement
3. Space habitability and the environment
4. Cultural implications of space enterprise
5. High-performing spacefarers

Godefroy, Andrew B. - The Canadian Space Program, ebook

The Canadian Space Program

Godefroy, Andrew B.


Forging a Space Nation: Policy and Program Development, 1957–1963
Andrew B. Godefroy
3. Challenge and Commitment: Canada’s Space Program in Transition, 1964–1974
Andrew B. Godefroy
4. Ad Astra: Establishing

Lefebvre, Jean-Luc - Space Strategy, ebook

Space Strategy

Lefebvre, Jean-Luc


Noting that space already plays a role in all of today’s wars, Space Strategy studies how conflicts are extending into this new domain. The book defines extra-atmospheric space and focuses