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 - Proceedings of SAE-China Congress 2016: Selected Papers, ebook

Proceedings of SAE-China Congress 2016: Selected Papers


Table of contents
1. Effect of Compression Ratio on the Combustion Characteristics of Premixed Charge Induced Ignition for Diesel Engine
Yujie Guo, Jianjun Zhu, Zhiwei Su, Wei Han, Zilong Wu
2. Study of the Effect of Combustion Chamber Shapes on the Mixture Formation and Combustion Characteristic on CNG-DI Engine

Visa, Ion - SYROM 2009, ebook

SYROM 2009

Visa, Ion


Basic Aspects Concerning Development of the Hybrid Road and Driving Simulator
A. Capustiac, C. Brisan
23. On Link Effects of Ring Workspace of Three-Revolute Manipulators
Hao Gu, Marco Ceccarelli
24. Contributions

Březina, Tomáš - Mechatronics 2013, ebook

Mechatronics 2013

Březina, Tomáš


Off- Road Vehicle with Controlled Suspension in Soft Unprepared Terrain
A. Bílkovský, Z. Šika
3. The Manipulator of the Passive Optoelectronic Rangefinder as a Controlled System of Servomechanisms
V. Cech, M. Cervenka
4. Energy Management System

 - Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, ebook

Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress


Research on Test Method of Off-road Vehicle Trafficability
Wenhu Qin, Zhanjun Guo, Weigong Zhang
11. A Design Method for Future Automobiles
Zhifeng Wang, Wu Yang, Zhiguo Le, Fuquan Zhao
12. Effect of Engineering Materials for Vehicle Collision Simulation

Li, Guangxin - Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, ebook

Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Li, Guangxin


Bearing Capacity of Ring Footings on Reinforced Clay
A. H. Boushehrian, N. Hataf
64. The Horizontal Deformation Study on the Geogrid Reinforced Earth Retianing Wall
Y. Zhao, G. Q. Yang, B. J. Zhang, P. Lv
65. Compare Analysis of Influence of Soil Property

Zhu, Min - Electrical Engineering and Control, ebook

Electrical Engineering and Control

Zhu, Min


A Look-ahead Road Grade Determination Method for HEVs
Behnam Ganji, Abbas Z. Kouzani
89. A New Method for Analyze Pharmacodynamic Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bin Nie, JianQiang Du, RiYue Yu, GuoLiang Xu, YueSheng Wang, YuHui Liu, LiPing Huang