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Bardone, Emanuele - Seeking Chances, ebook

Seeking Chances

Bardone, Emanuele


Bounded Rationality as Biased Rationality: Virtues, Vices, and Assumptions
Emanuele Bardone
3. Moving the Bonds: Distributing Cognition through Cognitive Niche Construction
Emanuele Bardone
4. Building Cognitive Niches: The Role of Affordances

Thompson, Stanley R. - Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century, ebook

Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century

Thompson, Stanley R.


The thesis of this book is that a better-informed public is essential to bring rationality to farm policy. This book provides telling evidence that markets work, that competent commercial farmers will earn returns on their resources as high as those earned elsewhere

Ashcroft, R. E. - Bioethics in a Small World, ebook

Bioethics in a Small World

Ashcroft, R. E.


Cultural Rationality and Moral Principles
Oswald Schwemmer
3. Morality and Culture: Are Ethics Culture-Dependent?
Godfrey B. Tangwa
4. Neither Golden Nugget nor Frankenstein. The need to Re-embed Food Biotechnologies in Sociocultural Contexts

Wildavsky, Aaron - The Art and Craft of Policy Analysis, ebook

The Art and Craft of Policy Analysis

Wildavsky, Aaron


Table of contents
Part I. Resources Versus Objectives
1. Policy Analysis Is What Information Systems Are Not
Aaron Wildavsky
2. Strategic Retreat on Objectives: Learning from Failure in American Public Policy
Aaron Wildavsky
3. Policy as Its Own Cause
Aaron Wildavsky
4. Coordination Without a Coordinator

Feest, Uljana - Historical Perspectives on Erklären and Verstehen, ebook

Historical Perspectives on Erklären and Verstehen

Feest, Uljana


Erklären, Verstehen, and Embodied Rationalities: Scientific Praxis as Regional Ontology
Katherine Arens
9. British Thought on the Relations Between the Natural Sciences and the Humanities, c. 1870–1910
Roger Smith
10. Accounting for the Unity of

Kelemen, Jozef - Beyond Artificial Intelligence, ebook

Beyond Artificial Intelligence

Kelemen, Jozef


Table of contents
1. On the Way to Intelligence Singularity
Ivan M. Havel
2. Slippage in Cognition, Perception, and Action: From Aesthetics to Artificial Intelligence
William W. York, Hamid R. Ekbia
3. Rationality {in|for|through} AI
Tarek R. Besold
4. Usage of “Formal Rules” in Human Intelligence