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Finger, Matthias - Towards Cognitive Cities, ebook

Towards Cognitive Cities

Finger, Matthias


Towards the Improvement of Citizen Communication Through Computational Intelligence
Valerio Perticone, Marco Elio Tabacchi
6. Digital Personal Assistant for Cognitive Cities: A Paper Prototype
Patrick Kaltenrieder,

Nicholson, Denise - Advances in Human Factors in Cybersecurity, ebook

Advances in Human Factors in Cybersecurity

Nicholson, Denise


Cryptanalysis and Improvement of an Advanced Anonymous and Biometrics-Based Multi-server Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Chunyi Quan, Hakjun Lee, Dongwoo Kang, Jiye Kim, Seokhyang Cho, Dongho Won
8. Cryptanalysis of Chaos-Based 2-Party Key Agreement

Glisic, Savo G. - Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies, ebook

Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies

Glisic, Savo G.


Research has generated a number of solutions for significant improvement of system performance. The development of enabling technologies such as adaptive coding and modulation, iterative (turbo) decoding algorithms and space-time coding, means that industry can now

Abdul-Wahab, Sabah A. - Sick Building Syndrome, ebook

Sick Building Syndrome

Abdul-Wahab, Sabah A.


Investigation of Air Pollution in Large Public Buildings in Japan and of Employees’ Personal Exposure Levels
Naoki Kunugita, Keiichi Arashidani, Takahiko Katoh
16. Assessment of Chemical Hazards in Sick Building Syndrome Situations: Determination of Concentrations

Park, James J. - IT Convergence and Services, ebook

IT Convergence and Services

Park, James J.


Security Improvement to an Authentication Scheme for Session Initiation Protocol
Youngsook Lee, Jeeyeon Kim, Junghyun Nam, Dongho Won
25. A Study on the Development of Security Evaluation Methodology for Wireless Equipment
Namje Park, Changwhan Lee, Kwangwoo