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Evans, Julian - The Forests Handbook, An Overview of Forest Science, ebook

The Forests Handbook, An Overview of Forest Science

Evans, Julian


Volume One presents an overview of the world's forests; their locations and what they are like, the science of how they operate as complex ecosystems and how they interact with their environment. Volume Two applies this science to reality; it focuses on forestry interventions

Mahajan, Yashwant - Nanotechnology for Energy Sustainability, ebook

Nanotechnology for Energy Sustainability

Mahajan, Yashwant


In three handy volumes, this ready reference provides a detailed overview of nanotechnology as it is applied to energy sustainability. Clearly structured, following an introduction, the first part of the book is dedicated to energy production, renewable energy, energy storage, energy distribution,

Bentley, Stephen P. - Soil Properties and their Correlations, ebook

Soil Properties and their Correlations

Bentley, Stephen P.


Soil Properties and their Correlations, Second Edition
Michael Carter, Geotechnical Consultant (Retired), UK
Stephen P Bentley, Reader in Engineering Geology, Cardiff University, UK
An essential guide to improving preliminary geotechnical…

Thomas, Jean-Hugh - New Sensors and Processing Chain, ebook

New Sensors and Processing Chain

Thomas, Jean-Hugh


A vital tool for researchers, engineers, and students, New Sensors and Processing Chain focuses on the processing chain to set up in order to extract relevant information on various systems. Highlighting the design of new microsensors and various…