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Kurka, Petr - Dynamics of Number Systems, ebook

Dynamics of Number Systems

Kurka, Petr


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petr Kůrka
2. Symbolic Dynamics
Petr Kůrka
3. Matrices and Transformations
Petr Kůrka
4. Möbius Number Systems
Petr Kůrka
5. Arithmetical Algorithms
Petr Kůrka
6. Integer Vectors and Matrices
Petr Kůrka
7. Algebraic Number Fields

Jamil, Tariq - Complex Binary Number System, ebook

Complex Binary Number System

Jamil, Tariq


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tariq Jamil
2. Conversion Algorithms
Tariq Jamil
3. Arithmetic Algorithms
Tariq Jamil
4. Arithmetic Circuits Designs
Tariq Jamil
5. Complex Binary Associative Dataflow Processor Design

Cantot, Pascal - Simulation and Modeling of Systems of Systems, ebook

Simulation and Modeling of Systems of Systems

Cantot, Pascal


Systems engineering is the design of a complex interconnection of many elements (a system) to maximize a specific measure of system performance. It consists of two parts: modeling, in which each element of the system and its performance criteria are described; and optimization in which adjustable

Luo, Albert C.J. - Dynamical Systems, ebook

Dynamical Systems

Luo, Albert C.J.


Input Design for Systems Under Identification as Applied to Ultrasonic Transducers
Nishant Unnikrishnan, Yicheng Pan, Marco Schoen, Ajay Mahajan, Jarlen Don, Tsuchin Chu
33. Development of a Control System for Automating of Spiral Concentrators in Coal Preparation

Daafouz, Jamal - Hybrid Systems with Constraints, ebook

Hybrid Systems with Constraints

Daafouz, Jamal


The notion of hybrid systems offers a strong theoretical and unified framework to cope with the modeling, analysis and control design of systems where both continuous and discrete dynamics interact. The theory of hybrid

Carvalho, João Carlos Mendes - Multibody Mechatronic Systems, ebook

Multibody Mechatronic Systems

Carvalho, João Carlos Mendes


Maximum Isotropic Force Capability Maps in Planar Cooperative Systems: A Practical Case Study
Juan Camilo Herrera Pineda, Leonardo Mejia Rincon, Roberto Simoni, Henrique Simas
16. Balancing Conditions of the RSS’R, Spatial Mechanism
Mario Acevedo