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Brunt, Liam - China from the Inside, ebook

China from the Inside

Brunt, Liam


Table of contents
1. Life on Mars
Liam Brunt
2. Getting There
Liam Brunt
3. A Poison Pen Letter
Liam Brunt
4. The Temple of Heaven
Liam Brunt
5. When the Chips Are Down
Liam Brunt
6. Building Sights
Liam Brunt
7. Xi’an
Liam Brunt
8. A Week of Firsts
Liam Brunt

Caignaert, Guy - Advances in Hydroinformatics, ebook

Advances in Hydroinformatics

Caignaert, Guy


Creation and Life of an Operational Crisis Management Centre in Nice Metropolis: Consolidation of Flood Events Handling Using Feedbacks Following the 3rd October Flood Event
Yannick Dorgigné, Morgan Abily, Leslie Salvan, Philippe Gourbesville
35. Semi-automatic