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Lin, Yi-Bing - Charging for Mobile All-IP Telecommunications, ebook

Charging for Mobile All-IP Telecommunications

Lin, Yi-Bing


This book provides a complete and comprehensive overview of 3G UMTS charging services
Evolving from offline billing of traditional telecommunications, charging for IP services in mobile networks is challenging; charging convergence is one of the major trends in the telecom industry.

Agha, Khaldoun Al - Mobile and Wireless Networks, ebook

Mobile and Wireless Networks

Agha, Khaldoun Al


A cellular network or mobile network is a wireless network distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver, known as a cell site or base station. In a cellular network, each cell uses a different set of frequencies from neighboring cells,

Verma, Dinesh C. - Techniques for Surviving Mobile Data Explosion, ebook

Techniques for Surviving Mobile Data Explosion

Verma, Dinesh C.


This book provides an overview of technologies to maximize the quality of user experience for mobile, data-centric applications. Chapters cover techniques mobile network operators can use to maximize the effectiveness of congested networks, techniques

Chen, Kwang-Cheng - Mobile WiMAX, ebook

Mobile WiMAX

Chen, Kwang-Cheng


The first book to cover one of the hottest subjects in wireless communications today, Mobile WiMAX Summarises the fundamental theory and practice of Mobile WiMAX Presents topics at introductory level for readers interested in understanding communication

Akaiwa, Yoshihiko - Introduction to Digital Mobile Communication, ebook

Introduction to Digital Mobile Communication

Akaiwa, Yoshihiko


Introduces digital mobile communications with an emphasis on digital transmission methods
This book presents mathematical analyses of signals, mobile radio channels, and digital modulation methods. The new edition covers the evolution of wireless