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Fähnrich, Klaus-Peter - Advances in Services Innovations, ebook

Advances in Services Innovations

Fähnrich, Klaus-Peter


Table of contents
I.Service Engineering
1. Service Engineering: State of the Art and Future Trends
Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, Thomas Meiren
2. Service Engineering in Action: The Palm/Erlang-A Queue, with Applications to Call Centers
Avishai Mandelbaum, Sergey Zeltyn
3. Architecture for Service Engineering —

Brandão, Sofia - Women's Health and Biomechanics, ebook

Women's Health and Biomechanics

Brandão, Sofia


Psychological Morbidity, Sexual Satisfaction, Coping, and Quality of Life in Women with Urinary Incontinence in Rehabilitation Treatment
M. Graça Pereira, Susana Pedras, Cláudia Senra
Part V. Biomechanical Analysis of

Hardy, Andrea E. - Building Performance Evaluation, ebook

Building Performance Evaluation

Hardy, Andrea E.


From Linear Delivery Process to Life Cycle Phases: The Validity of the Concept of Building Performance Evaluation
Wolfgang F. E. Preiser, Andrea E. Hardy, Ulrich Schramm
Part II. Frontiers of Building Evaluation
2. From POE to BPE: The Next Era

Hesselbach, Jürgen - Functional Thinking for Value Creation, ebook

Functional Thinking for Value Creation

Hesselbach, Jürgen


Mechanisms to conduct Life Cycles of Extended Products
Marcus Seifert, Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Jens Eschenbächer
10. Towards a Framework for developing Product/Service Systems
Ola Isaksson, Tobias C. Larsson, Pär Johansson
11. Communicating the Value

Goossens, Richard H.M. - Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics, ebook

Advances in Social & Occupational Ergonomics

Goossens, Richard H.M.


Job Satisfaction, Workload and Musculoskeletal Disorders
18. Video Gaming and Its Implications on the Epidemiology of Office Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
Shao-Sean Yap, Gunther Paul
19. Occupational Stresses on Employees in Lean Production Systems