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Ames, Melissa - How Pop Culture Shapes the Stages of a Woman’s Life, ebook

How Pop Culture Shapes the Stages of a Woman’s Life

Ames, Melissa


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Funhouse Mirrors — Popular Culture’s Distorted View of Girl/Womanhood
Melissa Ames, Sarah Burcon
2. Becoming a Girl: Pop Culture’s First Stage of Gender Training
Melissa Ames, Sarah Burcon
3. Reading Between the Lines: The Lessons Adolescent Girls Learn Through Popular

Dean, Donna J. - Getting the Most out of your Mentoring Relationships, ebook

Getting the Most out of your Mentoring Relationships

Dean, Donna J.


Table of contents
2. How to Use This Guide
Donna J. Dean
3. What Is Mentoring?
Donna J. Dean
4. Preparing to be Mentored
Donna J. Dean
5. Mentoring Relationships
Donna J. Dean
6. Changing Dynamics, Changing Needs
Donna J. Dean
7. Career and Life Transitions
Donna J. Dean

Jin, Tongdan - Reliability Engineering and Services, ebook

Reliability Engineering and Services

Jin, Tongdan


Reliability Engineering and Service provides in-depth chapter coverage of topics such as: Reliability Concepts and Models; Mean and Variance of Reliability Estimates; Design for Reliability; Reliability Growth Planning; Accelerated Life Testing and Its Economics; Renewal

Blanchard, Benjamin S. - System Engineering Management, ebook

System Engineering Management

Blanchard, Benjamin S.


A top-down, step-by-step, life-cycle approach to systems engineering
In today's environment, there is an ever-increasing need to develop and produce systems that are robust, reliable, high quality, supportable, cost-effective, and responsive to the needs

Kirkham, Richard - Ferry and Brandon's Cost Planning of Buildings, ebook

Ferry and Brandon's Cost Planning of Buildings

Kirkham, Richard


Whilst retaining its core structure of the three-phase cost planning process originally developed by Ferry and Brandon, the text provides a thorough grounding in contemporary issues including procurement innovation, whole life-cycle costing and modelling techniques.

Fellows, Richard F. - Construction Management in Practice, ebook

Construction Management in Practice

Fellows, Richard F.


The Second Edition has been thoroughly revised and takes account of the increased globalisation of construction, the move from public to private sector work, the drive for productivity, changing procurement methods, new emphasis on life

Boysen, Earl - Nanotechnology For Dummies, ebook

Nanotechnology For Dummies

Boysen, Earl


The bestselling introductory guide on nanotechnology?now revised and updated
The world of nanotechnology is ever changing and evolving; this fun and friendly guide demystifies the topic for anyone interested in how molecule-sized machines and processes affect our everyday lives.