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Lazzari, Massimo - Block Copolymers in Nanoscience, ebook

Block Copolymers in Nanoscience

Lazzari, Massimo


This first book to take a detailed look at one of the key focal points where nanotechnology and polymers meet provides both an introductory view for beginners as well as in-depth knowledge for specialists in the various research areas involved. It investigates all types of application for

Lee, Sandra - Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying, ebook

Willis's Elements of Quantity Surveying

Lee, Sandra


This edition begins with an overview of the need for measurement and the differing rules governing measurement at different stages of the design or project cycle. As in previous editions the focus remains the detailed measurement of building elements, but the text

Roberts, Deborah D. - Flavor Perception, ebook

Flavor Perception

Roberts, Deborah D.


This book provides a state-of-the-art review of our current understanding of the key stages of flavor perception for those working in the flavor field, whether in the academic or industrial sector. In particular, it is directed

Tamime, Adnan - Brined Cheeses, ebook

Brined Cheeses

Tamime, Adnan


The third title in the SDT series, Brined Cheeses gathers research on this important range of cheese varieties from around the world into a single volume, offering the reader:
A practically-oriented and user-friendly guide Key commercially important information

Hancsók, Jenõ - Fuels and Fuel-Additives, ebook

Fuels and Fuel-Additives

Hancsók, Jenõ


Examines all stages of fuel production, from feedstocks to finished products
Exploring chemical structures and properties, this book sheds new light on the current science and technology of producing energy efficient and environmentally friendly fuels. Moreover, it explains the role