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Azzopardi, Brian - Sustainable Development in Energy Systems, ebook

Sustainable Development in Energy Systems

Azzopardi, Brian


Table of contents
1. Overview on Microgrids: Technologies, Control and Communications
Antonio Carlos Zambroni Souza, D. Q. Oliveira, Diogo Marujo, F. M. Portelinha, B. Nadai N
2. Hybrid Nanogrid Systems for Future Small Communities
Farhad Shahnia
3. Interconnected Microgrid Systems for Remote Areas

Hübner, Michael - Near Threshold Computing, ebook

Near Threshold Computing

Hübner, Michael


Variability-Aware Voltage Island Management for Near-Threshold Computing with Performance Guarantees
Ioannis Stamelakos, Sotirios Xydis, Gianluca Palermo, Cristina Silvano
Part III. Memory System Design for NTC
4. Resizable Data Composer (RDC) Cache: A Near-Threshold

, H. Douglas Pratt - The Hawaiian Honeycreepers : Drepanidinae, ebook

The Hawaiian Honeycreepers : Drepanidinae

, H. Douglas Pratt


The honeycreepers, with their bright colouration and canary-like songs, are famed for their unique evolutionary history as a geographically isolated group that has undergone a spectacular burst of adaptions to the islands of the Hawaiian archipelago. - ;The Hawaiian