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Rauch, Sébastien - Urban Environment, ebook

Urban Environment

Rauch, Sébastien


Examining the Critical Factors of Implementing Sustainable Housing in a Multi-Stakeholder Context
Zhengyu Yang, Jay Yang
Part II. Green Cities and Urban Ecosystems
10. Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Vegetation: A Literature Review
Christiane Weber

Guerra-Santin, Olivia - Living Labs, ebook

Living Labs

Guerra-Santin, Olivia


Keyson, Gregory M. Morrison, Carolin Baedeker, Christa Liedtke
6. Splashing: The Iterative Development of a Novel Type of Personal Washing
Lenneke Kuijer
7. Design with Intent and the Field of Design for Sustainable Behaviour
Dan Lockton
8. Architectural

Lisnianski, Anatoly - Recent Advances in System Reliability, ebook

Recent Advances in System Reliability

Lisnianski, Anatoly


Optimal Replacement and Protection Strategy for Parallel Systems
Rui Peng, Gregory Levitin, Min Xie, Szu Hui Ng
10. Heuristic Optimization Techniques for Determining Optimal Reserve Structure of Power Generating Systems
Yi Ding, Lalit Goel, Peng Wang,

Chakrabarti, Amaresh - ICoRD'13, ebook


Chakrabarti, Amaresh


Conflicts in the Idea of ‘Assisted Self-Help’ in Housing for the Indian Rural Poor
Ameya Athavankar, Sharmishtha Banerjee, B. K. Chakravarthy, Uday Athavankar
49. A Method to Design a Value Chain from Scratch
Romain Farel, Bernard Yannou
50. Developing

Suarez, Carlos E. - Light Metals 2012, ebook

Light Metals 2012

Suarez, Carlos E.


Improved Energy Management During Anode Setting Activity
Ali Jassim Banjab, Gregory Meintjes, Jose Blasques, Mohammed Sadiq, Arvind Kumar, Maryam Mohamed Al-Jallaf, Ali. H. A. M. Al Zarouni
100. The Transition Strategy at Alouette Towards Higher Productivity