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Chaplin, Joyce E. - Genealogies of Genius, ebook

Genealogies of Genius

Chaplin, Joyce E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joyce E. Chaplin, Darrin M. McMahon
2. The Problem of Genius in the Age of Slavery
Joyce E. Chaplin
3. Genius versus Democracy: Excellence and Singularity in Postrevolutionary France
Nathalie Heinich

Mader, Philip - The Political Economy of Microfinance, ebook

The Political Economy of Microfinance

Mader, Philip


Table of contents
1. A Framework for Engaging Microfinance
Philip Mader
2. A Genealogy of Microfinance
Philip Mader
3. The Financialization of Poverty
Philip Mader
4. Financializing Public Goods
Philip Mader
5. Mechanisms of a Microfinance Crisis
Philip Mader
6. At the Crossroads of

Hargrave, Matt - Theatres of Learning Disability, ebook

Theatres of Learning Disability

Hargrave, Matt


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Of Moths and Methods
Matt Hargrave
Part I. The Surrogate
2. The End of Disability Arts: Theatre, Disability, and the Social Model
Matt Hargrave
3. Pure Products Go Crazy: The Aesthetic Value of Learning Disability
Matt Hargrave
4. On Quality: Disability and Aesthetic

Stanley, Timothy - Religion after Secularization in Australia, ebook

Religion after Secularization in Australia

Stanley, Timothy


Table of contents
Part I. The Australian Case
1. A Political History of the Secular in Australia, 1788–1945
Stephen A. Chavura, Ian Tregenza
2. Legacies of Sectarianism and the Convict Past in Australia
Hilary M. Carey
3. Framing the Kingdom
Marion Maddox
4. Australian Secularism, Whiteness, and

Chapman, Arthur - Interpreting Primo Levi, ebook

Interpreting Primo Levi

Chapman, Arthur


Paper Memories, Inked Genealogies: About Primo Levi’s The Search for Roots
Maria Anna Mariani
13. Angelic Butterfly and the Gorgon: On Lightness in Primo Levi’s Writing
Franco Baldasso
14. “II resto [non] è silenzio”: The Friendship of Texts