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Devolder, Pierre - Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds, ebook

Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds

Devolder, Pierre

From 168,10€

Quantitative finance has become these last years a extraordinary field of research and interest as well from an academic point of view as for practical applications.
At the same time, pension issue is clearly a major economical and financial topic…

Thompson, Stanley R. - Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century, ebook

Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century

Thompson, Stanley R.


Over the next couple of years we will see the funding for these programs being hotly debated. The thesis of this book is that a better-informed public is essential to bring rationality to farm policy. This book provides telling evidence that markets work, that competent

Howlett, Robert J. - Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012, ebook

Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012

Howlett, Robert J.


The Use of Accompanying Funding Offers When Starting Knowledge Transfer Projects: The Case of National Innovation Agents in Denmark
Erik W. Hallgren
11. How to Facilitate Knowledge Collaboration – Developing Next Practice
Elinor Bæk Thomsen, Trine Lumbye

Firley, Eric - The Urban Masterplanning Handbook, ebook

The Urban Masterplanning Handbook

Firley, Eric

From 70,05€

It places an important new emphasis on the processes and structures that influence urban form, highlighting the significant impact that public or private landownership, management and funding might have on shaping a particular project. Each of the book’s 20 subjects