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Lublinsky, Boris - Professional Hadoop Solutions, ebook

Professional Hadoop Solutions

Lublinsky, Boris


The go-to guidebook for deploying Big Data solutions with Hadoop
Today's enterprise architects need to understand how the Hadoop frameworks and APIs fit together, and how they can be integrated to deliver real-world solutions. This book is a practical, detailed guide to building and implementing

Abawajy, Jemal H. - Recent Advances on Soft Computing and Data Mining, ebook

Recent Advances on Soft Computing and Data Mining

Abawajy, Jemal H.


Warehouse Picking Model for Single Picker Routing Problem in Multi Dimensional Warehouse Layout Using Genetic Algorithm Approach to Minimize Delay
Dida Diah Damayanti, Erlangga Bayu Setyawan, Luciana Andrawina, Budi Santosa
14. Relationship Between Angiotensin

Wang, Yinglin - Knowledge Engineering and Management, ebook

Knowledge Engineering and Management

Wang, Yinglin


An Approach to Analyzing LOH Data of Lung Cancer Based on Biclustering and GA
Jun Wang, Hongbin Yang, Yue Wu, Zongtian Liu, Zhou Lei
12. Using Simulated Binary Crossover in Particle Swarm Optimization
Xiaoyu Huang, Enqiang Lin, Yujie Ji, Shijun Qiao

Mach-Król, Maria - Advances in Business ICT, ebook

Advances in Business ICT

Mach-Król, Maria


Geoportal as Interface for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Information System
Almir Karabegovic, Mirza Ponjavic
3. Prospects of Using Temporal Logics for Knowledge Management
Maria Mach-Król
4. On Problems