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Hara, Tatsunori - Serviceology for Designing the Future, ebook

Serviceology for Designing the Future

Hara, Tatsunori


Workshop-Based Policy Platform for Public-Private Partnership (WP5): Designing Co-creative Policy-Making Platform for Regional Development of Nagano
Toshiyuki Yasui, Takashi Maeno, Seiko Shirasaka, Yoshikazu Tomita, Kanenori Ishibashi
21. System

Duvvury, Charvaka - System Level ESD Co-Design, ebook

System Level ESD Co-Design

Duvvury, Charvaka


An effective and cost efficient protection of electronic system against ESD stress pulses specified by IEC 61000-4-2 is paramount for any system design. This pioneering book presents the collective knowledge of system designers and system testing experts and state-of-the-art techniques for

Chung, WonJoon - Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design, ebook

Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design

Chung, WonJoon


Exploring Two Design Processes: Slow and Fast
Cliff Shin, Joyce Thomas
2. Rematerializing the User Interface of a Digitized Toy Through Tokens: A Comparative User Study with Children Aged Five to Six
Marieke Camp, Lukas Campenhout, Guido Bruyne
3. Analysis

Fukuda, Shuichi - Emotional Engineering, Vol.5, ebook

Emotional Engineering, Vol.5

Fukuda, Shuichi


Universal Design—An Old-Fashioned Paradigm?
Susan Gretchen Zöller, Sandro Wartzack
7. Considering Users’ Emotions in Product Development Processes and the Need to Design for Attitudes
Susan Gretchen Zöller, Sandro Wartzack
8. Design for Additive

Kwan, Stephen - Serviceology for Smart Service System, ebook

Serviceology for Smart Service System

Kwan, Stephen


Design of Service Ecosystem Based on Interactive Design Support in the Case of Job-Hunting Support Services
Yuki Wakisaka, Yuya Yamamoto, Jun Ota, Tatsunori Hara
3. A Method for Supporting Customer Model Construction: Using

Raghavan, N. R. Srinivasa - Product Research, ebook

Product Research

Raghavan, N. R. Srinivasa


User Experience-Driven Wireless Services Development
Jee Y. Park, Giridhar D. Mandyam
4. Integrating Distributed Design Information in Decision-Based Design
Justin A. Rockwell, Sundar Krishnamurty, Ian R. Grosse, Jack