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Nielsen, Poul M.F. - Computational Biomechanics for Medicine, ebook

Computational Biomechanics for Medicine

Nielsen, Poul M.F.


The Dependence of Clinical Metrics of Cardiac Function on Lead Position in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: A Biophysical Modeling Study
Steven Niederer, Gernot Plank, Reza Rezavi, Aldo Rinaldi, Nic Smith
4. Neuroimage as a Biomechanical Model: Toward New

Chao, Fei - Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems, ebook

Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems

Chao, Fei


Generation of Reducts and Threshold Functions Using Discernibility and Indiscernibility Matrices for Classification
Naohiro Ishii, Ippei Torii, Kazunori Iwata, Kazuya Odagiri, Toyoshiro Nakashima
14. Adaptive Noise Cancelation Using Fuzzy Brain Emotional Learning

Kramme, Rüdiger - Springer Handbook of Medical Technology, ebook

Springer Handbook of Medical Technology

Kramme, Rüdiger


Table of contents
Part A. Medical Technology Basics
1. Technology in Medicine: Its Role and Significance in Terms of Health Policy
Rüdiger Kramme, Heike Kramme
2. Medicine Is More Than Applied Technology for Human Beings
Giovanni Maio
3. Hygiene in Medical Technology
Heinz-Michael Just, Eckhard Roggenkamp,

Kaneda, Yukio - Frontiers of Computational Science, ebook

Frontiers of Computational Science

Kaneda, Yukio


Protein Function Prediction in Proteomics Era
Daisuke Kihara, Troy Hawkins, Stan Luban, Bin Li, Karthik Ramani, Manish Agrawal
18. What We can Learn about Protein Folding from Recent Progress in Structure Prediction
George Chikenji, Yoshimi Fujitsuka,

Gzik, Marek - Innovations in Biomedical Engineering, ebook

Innovations in Biomedical Engineering

Gzik, Marek


Assessment of locomotor functions of patients suffering from cerebral palsy qualified to treat by different methods
Katarzyna Jochymczyk-Woźniak, Katarzyna Nowakowska, Robert Michnik, Agnieszka Konopelska, Jerzy Luszawski,

Bassis, Simone - Advances in Neural Networks, ebook

Advances in Neural Networks

Bassis, Simone


Analyzing Correlations Between Personality Disorders and Frontal Functions: A Pilot Study
Raffaele Sperandeo, Anna Esposito, Mauro Maldonato, Silvia Dell’Orco
30. Processing Bio-medical Data with Class-Dependent Feature Selection
Nina Zhou, Lipo Wang