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Scott, Allen J. - The Constitution of the City, ebook

The Constitution of the City

Scott, Allen J.


Table of contents
1. City and Society
Allen J. Scott
2. In Search of the City
Allen J. Scott
3. Industrialization and Urbanization in Early Capitalism
Allen J. Scott
4. Triumph and Tribulations of the Mass-Production Metropolis
Allen J. Scott
5. Cities in a Globalizing World

Sawyer, Stephen W. - In Search of the Liberal Moment, ebook

In Search of the Liberal Moment

Sawyer, Stephen W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: New Perspectives on France’s “Liberal Moment”
Stephen W. Sawyer, Iain Stewart
2. Taking Anti-totalitarianism Seriously: The Emergence of the Aronian Circle in the 1970s
Gwendal Châton
3. Plettenburg not Paris: Julien Freund, the New Right, and France’s Liberal Moment

Sollund, Ragnhild Aslaug - Green Harms and Crimes, ebook

Green Harms and Crimes

Sollund, Ragnhild Aslaug


Anthropogenic Development Drives Species to Be Endangered: Capitalism and the Decline of Species
Michael J. Lynch, Michael A. Long, Paul B. Stretesky
8. The Illegal Wildlife Trade from a Norwegian Outlook: Tendencies in Practices and Law Enforcement

Fraccaroli, Nicolò - Austerity vs Stimulus, ebook

Austerity vs Stimulus

Fraccaroli, Nicolò


Austerity in the Tension Between Capitalism and Democracy
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
Part II. The Two Sides of the Debate
2. Keynes Vs Hayek
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
3. Contemporary Arguments for Austerity
Robert Skidelsky,

Czarnowski, Ireneusz - Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017, ebook

Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017

Czarnowski, Ireneusz


A Macroeconomic Model for Service Science Capitalism: Thetical and Antithetical Economics
Takafumi Mizuno, Eizo Kinoshita
30. Managerial Decisions Modelling for the Company Development Strategy
Irina Kalinina, Valery Maslennikov, Marina Kholod
31. Super