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Balasubramanian, Bharath - Fog for 5G and IoT, ebook

Fog for 5G and IoT

Balasubramanian, Bharath


The book examines how Fog will change the information technology industry in the next decade. Fog distributes the services of computation, communication, control and storage closer to the edge, access and users. As a computing and networking architecture,…

Buyya, Rajkumar - Content Delivery Networks, ebook

Content Delivery Networks

Buyya, Rajkumar


Table of contents
Part I.CDN Fundamentals
1. Content Delivery Networks: State of the Art, Insights, and Imperatives
Mukaddim Pathan, Rajkumar Buyya, Athena Vakali
2. A Taxonomy of CDNs
Mukaddim Pathan, Rajkumar Buyya
3. Dynamic, Scalable, and Efficient Content Replication Techniques
Yan Chen

Joukov, Nikolai - Mobile and Wireless Technologies 2016, ebook

Mobile and Wireless Technologies 2016

Joukov, Nikolai


High-Performance Fault-Tolerant Data Caching and Synchronization Architecture for Smart-Home Mobile Application
Ramesh Guntha, Aryadevi Remanidevi Devidas, Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh
16. Cooperative Big Data Processing Engine for Fast Reaction in Internet of

Ser, Javier Del - Harmony Search Algorithm, ebook

Harmony Search Algorithm

Ser, Javier Del


Cost-Efficient Selective Network Caching in Large-Area Vehicular Networks Using Multi-objective Heuristics
Miren Nekane Bilbao, Cristina Perfecto, Javier Del Ser
18. Harmony Search Based Algorithms for the Minimum Interference Frequency Assignment Problem

Szczepaniak, Piotr S. - Advances in Intelligent Web Mastering, ebook

Advances in Intelligent Web Mastering

Szczepaniak, Piotr S.


SCAM: Semantic Caching Architecture for Efficient Content Matching over Data Grid
Muhammad Farhan Bashir, Raja Asad Zaheer, Zohaib Mansoor Shams, Muhammad Abdul Qadir
8. Recommender System from Personal Social Networks
David Ben-Shimon, Alexander Tsikinovsky,

Sun, Fuchun - Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems, ebook

Foundations and Applications of Intelligent Systems

Sun, Fuchun


Table of contents
1. The Incremental Updating Method for Core Computing Based on Information Entropy in Set-Valued Ordered Information Systems
Chuan Luo, Tianrui Li, Hongmei Chen, Shaoyong Li
2. An Algebraic Analysis for Binary Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy Relations
Xiaodong Pan, Peng Xu
3. An Improved Classification