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Bastiaens, Theo J. - On Collective Intelligence, ebook

On Collective Intelligence

Bastiaens, Theo J.


An Approach for the Visual Representation of Business Models That Integrate Web-Based Collective Intelligence into Value Creation
Henrik Ickler
4. Open Science 2.0: How Research and Education Can Benefit from Open Innovation

Du, Zhenyu - Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation, ebook

Intelligence Computation and Evolutionary Computation

Du, Zhenyu


Study on the Business Model of Tourism Electronic Commerce in China
Jian Song
133. Semantic-Based Wireless Video Surveillance System
Haijun Gu, Wei Liu, Xiaohui Zhao
134. Ultra-Low Power CMOS Charge-Sensitive Preamplifier
Zhou Yunbo, Yu Zongguang,

Madureira, Ana - Computational Intelligence and Decision Making, ebook

Computational Intelligence and Decision Making

Madureira, Ana


Table of contents
1. The Process of Industrial Bioethanol Production Explained by Self-Organised Maps
Miguel A. Sanz-Bobi, Pablo Ruiz, Julio Montes
2. Towards a Further Understanding of the Robotic Darwinian PSO
Micael S. Couceiro, Fernando M. L. Martins, Filipe Clemente, Rui P. Rocha, Nuno M. F. Ferreira

Mach-Król, Maria - Advances in Business ICT, ebook

Advances in Business ICT

Mach-Król, Maria


Geoportal as Interface for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Information System
Almir Karabegovic, Mirza Ponjavic
3. Prospects of Using Temporal Logics for Knowledge Management
Maria Mach-Król
4. On Problems