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Zhang, Ying - Future Computing, Communication, Control and Management, ebook

Future Computing, Communication, Control and Management

Zhang, Ying


Study on Identification of Black-Spots of Highways with Complex Alignment Condition in Mountainous District
Liu Zhao-hui
73. The Application of Numerical Analysis Method on Hopf Bifurcation in Power System
Ma You-jie, Jia Li-ying, Zhou Xue-song, Li Ji,

Benghozi, Pierre-Jean - Digital Enterprise Design and Management 2013, ebook

Digital Enterprise Design and Management 2013

Benghozi, Pierre-Jean


Use Case: Business Intelligence “New Generation” for a “Zero Latency” Organization (When Decisional and Operational BI Are Fully Embedded)
Fernando Iafrate
2. The Enterprise as the Experiential Design Platform
Richard Baskerville
3. From a Strategic

Jardim-Gonçalves, Ricardo - Enterprise Interoperability VII, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability VII

Jardim-Gonçalves, Ricardo


Towards a Flexible Gamification Model for an Interoperable E-learning Business Process Simulation Platform
Sarah Zribi, Tom Jorquera, Jean-Pierre Lorré
Part VIII. Collaborative Supply Networks Interoperability
24. Towards a Methodology to Support the Strategies

Bahaj, Mohamed - Advanced Information Technology, Services and Systems, ebook

Advanced Information Technology, Services and Systems

Bahaj, Mohamed


Knowledge Management in Business, A Multi-desciplinar Science and A State of Mind
Ben Laadar Hajar, Cherti Ilias
21. Survey of Security in Software-Defined Network
Nadya Moussaid, Ahmed Toumanari, Maryam Azhari
22. Weakness in Zhang et al.’s Authentication

Catania, Barbara - New Trends in Databases and Information Systems, ebook

New Trends in Databases and Information Systems

Catania, Barbara


New Ontological Alignment System Based on a Non-monotonic Description Logic
Ratiba Guebaili-Djider, Aicha Mokhtari, Farid Nouioua, Narhimene Boustia, Karima Akli Astouati
3. Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence Rules
Karthik Ganesan Pillai, Rafal A. Angryk, Juan

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos - Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012, ebook

Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos


Business Administration and Economic Environment
1. A Characterization of Types and Determinant Factors for Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Case Study Based Analysis
Eneritz Onaindia Gerrikabeitia, Unai Goyogana Quesada, Carlos Ochoa Laburu
2. Activity Based