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Villa, Tomas G. - Enzybiotics: Antibiotic Enzymes as Drugs and Therapeutics, ebook

Enzybiotics: Antibiotic Enzymes as Drugs and Therapeutics

Villa, Tomas G.


Enzybiotics, by using enzymes to fight bacteria, offer a novel and promising new way to combat infectious diseases. This book presents the state-of-the-art and therapeutic potential of enzybiotics, with a stress on therapeutic applications. The coverage offers a unique combination of medicinal

Wilson, Michael - Optimising Pesticide Use, ebook

Optimising Pesticide Use

Wilson, Michael


The book provides: An in-depth exploration of pesticide optimisation from the view point of industry and research scientist A case study on the development of a new range of active chemistries from bacteria A discussion of complementary pest control methods

Roth, Gerhard - The Long Evolution of Brains and Minds, ebook

The Long Evolution of Brains and Minds

Roth, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Are Mind and Brain a Unity?
Gerhard Roth
2. Mind and Intelligence
Gerhard Roth
3. What Is Evolution?
Gerhard Roth
4. The Mind Begins with Life
Gerhard Roth
5. The Language of Neurons
Gerhard Roth
6. Bacteria, Archaea, Protozoa: Successful Life without

Bakalar, Nicholas - Where the Germs Are: A Scientific Safari, ebook

Where the Germs Are: A Scientific Safari

Bakalar, Nicholas


Coli and other bacteria for proper digestion), the book reveals how different germs interact with the human body and what happens when they do.
Nicholas Bakalar (New York, NY) is the author or coauthor of ten books, including Hepatitis A to G and Wiping Out Head

Logan, Bruce E. - Microbial Fuel Cells, ebook

Microbial Fuel Cells

Logan, Bruce E.


The theory, design, construction, and operation of microbial fuel cells

Microbial fuel cells (MFCs), devices in which bacteria create electrical power by oxidizing simple compounds such as glucose or complex organic matter in wastewater, represent a new and promising approach

Haseley, Peter - Freeze-Drying, ebook


Haseley, Peter


blood derivatives, vaccines, cytostatic drugs, antibiotics, bacteria cultures but also consumer goods such as soluble coffee are freeze-dried to transform perishable substances into a form that can be stored and reconstituted to their almost original state without

Gazi, Veysel - Swarm Stability and Optimization, ebook

Swarm Stability and Optimization

Gazi, Veysel


Table of contents
I. Basic Principles
1. Introduction
Veysel Gazi, Kevin M. Passino
2. Swarm Coordination and Control Problems
Veysel Gazi, Kevin M. Passino
II. Continuous Time Swarms
3. Swarms of Single Integrator Agents
Veysel Gazi, Kevin M. Passino
4. Swarms of Double Integrator Agents