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Boccaccini, Aldo R. - Myocardial Tissue Engineering, ebook

Myocardial Tissue Engineering

Boccaccini, Aldo R.


Strategies for Myocardial Tissue Engineering: The Beat Goes On
Payam Akhyari, Mareike Barth, Hug Aubin, Artur Lichtenberg
4. Creating Unique Cell Microenvironments for the Engineering of a Functional Cardiac Patch
Tal Dvir, Jonathan Leor, Smadar Cohen

Bilston, Lynne E. - Neural Tissue Biomechanics, ebook

Neural Tissue Biomechanics

Bilston, Lynne E.


Brain Tissue Mechanical Properties
Lynne E. Bilston
3. Spinal Cord Mechanical Properties
Elizabeth C. Clarke
4. Constitutive Modelling of Brain Tissue for Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injury
J. A. W. Dommelen,

Obradović, Bojana - Cell and Tissue Engineering, ebook

Cell and Tissue Engineering

Obradović, Bojana


Creation of Living Tissue: An Engineering Feat
Narine Sarvazyan
2. Classical and Quantum Information Processing in DNA-Protein Coding
Djuro Koruga
3. Unraveling the Membrane Fusion in Secretory Cells at the NM-Level: A Nanobioengineering Approach

Fernandes, Paulo Rui - Tissue Engineering, ebook

Tissue Engineering

Fernandes, Paulo Rui


Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering for Bone Repair
Swathi Damaraju, Neil A. Duncan
2. In Silico Biology of Bone Regeneration Inside Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds
Aurélie Carlier, Hans Oosterwyck, Liesbet Geris
3. Constitutive Effects of Hydrolytic Degradation

Fisher, John P. - Tissue Engineering, ebook

Tissue Engineering

Fisher, John P.


Use of Neopterin as a Bone Marrow Hematopoietic and Stromal Cell Growth Factor in Tissue-Engineered Devices
E. Zvetkova, Y. Gluhcheva, D. Fuchs
Section 3. Scaffolds and Matrix Design
9. Injectable Synthetic Extracellular Matrices for Tissue

Holzapfel, Gerhard A. - Mechanics of Biological Tissue, ebook

Mechanics of Biological Tissue

Holzapfel, Gerhard A.


Growth in Soft Biological Tissue and Residual Stress Development
A. Guillou, R. W. Ogden
5. Characterization and Modeling of Growth and Remodeling in Tendon and Soft Tissue Constructs
E. M. Arruda, S. C. Calve, K. Garikipati, K. Grosh, H. Narayanan

Ahmed, Waqar - Biomechanics of Hard Tissues: Modeling, Testing, and Materials, ebook

Biomechanics of Hard Tissues: Modeling, Testing, and Materials

Ahmed, Waqar

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This monograph assembles expert knowledge on the latest biomechanical modeling and testing of hard tissues, coupled with a concise introduction to the structural and physical properties of bone and cartilage.
A strong focus lies on the current advances in understanding bone structure

Artmann, Gerhard M. - Bioengineering in Cell and Tissue Research, ebook

Bioengineering in Cell and Tissue Research

Artmann, Gerhard M.


Mechanics of Soft Tissues, Fluids and Molecules
12. Soft Materials in Technology and Biology – Characteristics, Properties, and Parameter Identification
M. Staat, G. Baroud, M. Topcu, S. Sponagel
13. Modeling Cellular Adaptation to Mechanical Stress