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Akagi, Masato - Advances in Information and Communication Technology, ebook

Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Akagi, Masato


Table of contents
1. Keynote Addresses
1. Multimodal Based Clouds Computing Systems for Healthcare and Risk Forecasting Based on Subjective Analysis
Hamido Fujita
2. Telematics and Advanced Transportation Services
Chyi-Ren Dow
3. Toward Affective Speech-to-Speech Translation
Masato Akagi

Santasombat, Yos - Impact of China’s Rise on the Mekong Region, ebook

Impact of China’s Rise on the Mekong Region

Santasombat, Yos


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yos Santasombat
2. China’s Geoeconomic Strategy: Toward the Riparian States of the Mekong Region
Hsing-Chou Sung
3. China’s “Comrade Money” and Its Social-Political Dimensions in Vietnam
Nguyen Chinh
4. Changing Landscape and Changing Ethnoscape in Lao PDR:

Darasawang, Pornapit - Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, ebook

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Darasawang, Pornapit


Table of contents
1. Innovation in Language Teaching: The Thai Context
Pornapit Darasawang, Hayo Reinders, Alan Waters
2. National-Level Educational Innovations in Thailand
Richard Watson Todd
3. Innovation in Teacher Education in Thailand: The KMUTT MA Programme
Alan Waters
4. Flying Free: Unfettering

Mawhinney, Mark - International Construction, ebook

International Construction

Mawhinney, Mark


A recent construction project in Singapore involved a Russian plant, a Japanese management team, Australian and Italian engineers, Thai steel workers and a labour force from throughout Asia ...
The recent growth explosion of multi-nationals and the lowering of trade barriers is pushing

Huynh, Van-Nam - Uncertainty Analysis in Econometrics with Applications, ebook

Uncertainty Analysis in Econometrics with Applications

Huynh, Van-Nam


Trade Liberalisation, Labour Productivity Growth and Skilled Labour Complement: Evidence from the Thai Manufacturing Sector
Piyapong Sangkaew, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran
15. Modeling Dependence Dynamics of Air Pollution: Time Series Analysis Using a Copula Based

Huynh, Van Nam - Knowledge and Systems Engineering, ebook

Knowledge and Systems Engineering

Huynh, Van Nam


Improving Moore’s Sentence Alignment Method Using Bilingual Word Clustering
Hai-Long Trieu, Phuong-Thai Nguyen, Kim-Anh Nguyen
15. Frequent Temporal Inter-object Pattern Mining in Time Series
Nguyen Thanh Vu, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau
16. iSPLOM: Interactive

Ao, Sio-Iong - Intelligent Control and Computer Engineering, ebook

Intelligent Control and Computer Engineering

Ao, Sio-Iong


Table of contents
1. Intelligent Control of Reduced-Order Closed Quantum Computation Systems Using Neural Estimation and LMI Transformation
Anas N. Al-Rabadi
2. Optimal Guidance and Control for Space Robot Operation
Takuro Kobayashi, Shinichi Tsuda
3. The Application of Genetic Algorithms in Designing Fuzzy