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Henkel, Jörg - Reliable Software for Unreliable Hardware, ebook

Reliable Software for Unreliable Hardware

Henkel, Jörg


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
2. Background and Related Work
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
3. Cross-Layer Reliability Analysis, Modeling, and Optimization
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
4. Software Program-Level Reliability

Hannig, Frank - FPGAs for Software Programmers, ebook

FPGAs for Software Programmers

Hannig, Frank


FPGA Versus Software Programming: Why, When, and How?
Dirk Koch, Daniel Ziener, Frank Hannig
2. High-Level Synthesis
João M. P. Cardoso, Markus Weinhardt
3. A Quick Tour of High-Level Synthesis Solutions for FPGAs
Frank Hannig
Part I. Commercial

Lettnin, Djones - Embedded Software Verification and Debugging, ebook

Embedded Software Verification and Debugging

Lettnin, Djones


Embedded Software Debug in Simulation and Emulation Environments for Interface IP
Cyprian Wronka, Jan Kotas
3. The Use of Dynamic Temporal Assertions for Debugging
Ziad A. Al-Sharif, Clinton L. Jeffery, Mahmoud H. Said
4. Automated Reproduction and

Sheibanyrad, Abbas - 3D Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures, ebook

3D Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures

Sheibanyrad, Abbas


Table of contents
1. Three-Dimensional Integration of Integrated Circuits—an Introduction
Chuan Seng Tan
2. The Promises and Limitations of 3-D Integration
Axel Jantsch, Matthew Grange, Dinesh Pamunuwa
3. Testing 3D Stacked ICs Containing Through-Silicon Vias
Erik Jan Marinissen
4. Design and Computer