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Lade, Poul V. - Triaxial Testing of Soils, ebook

Triaxial Testing of Soils

Lade, Poul V.


Triaxial Testing of Soils explains how to carry out triaxial tests to demonstrate the effects of soil behaviour on engineering designs. An authoritative and comprehensive manual, it reflects current best practice and instrumentation.References are made…

McKinnon, Rachel - The Norms of Assertion, ebook

The Norms of Assertion

McKinnon, Rachel


Table of contents
1. The Norms of Assertion
Rachel McKinnon
2. Speech Acts and Assertion
Rachel McKinnon
3. Norms of Assertion and Normativity
Rachel McKinnon
4. The Supportive Reasons Norm
Rachel McKinnon
5. The Lottery Paradox
Rachel McKinnon
6. Moore’s Paradox
Rachel McKinnon

Carroll, Michael - The Seventh Landing, ebook

The Seventh Landing

Carroll, Michael


Table of contents
2. The First Explorers: Learning from History
Michael Carroll
3. Getting There the Second Time Around
Michael Carroll
4. Shackleton, the Home Site
Michael Carroll
5. Robot-Human Combo Systems
Michael Carroll
6. Scientific Reasons to Return
Michael Carroll
7. Going

UNKNOWN - Spray Dryers: A Guide to Performance Evaluation, ebook

Spray Dryers: A Guide to Performance Evaluation



Spray Dryers: A Guide to Performance Evaluation, Second Edition discusses the reasons for spray drying. These reasons are usually to produce a product with certain desired properties or with better efficiency than other methods. The book discusses how

Genta, Giancarlo - Next Stop Mars, ebook

Next Stop Mars

Genta, Giancarlo


Table of contents
1. Half a century of projects
Giancarlo Genta
2. Reasons for human Mars exploration
Giancarlo Genta
3. Mars and its satellites
Giancarlo Genta
4. Space environment and radiations
Giancarlo Genta
5. Human aspects
Giancarlo Genta
6. Interplanetary journey to Mars

Reyne, Maurice - Plastic Forming Processes, ebook

Plastic Forming Processes

Reyne, Maurice


Plastics may undergo an industrial treatment for many reasons including strength, chemical inertness, biodegradability, and heat resistance.?Providing an overview of the various treatments utilized in the plastics industry, this title examines?the numerous treatments in use as well as the