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Garbey, Marc - Computational Surgery and Dual Training, ebook

Computational Surgery and Dual Training

Garbey, Marc


Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy/Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Hua Ren, Shanda Blackmon, Bin S. Teh
4. Computer-Aided Management in Scoliosis Surgery
Tran Nguyen Hoang Thi Tho, Truong Quang

Angeles, Jorge - Brain, Body and Machine, ebook

Brain, Body and Machine

Angeles, Jorge


Table of contents
1. Force and Visual Control for Safe Human-Robot Interaction
Bruno Siciliano, Luigi Villani, Vincenzo Lippiello, Agostino Santis
2. 3D Automatic Segmentation of the Hippocampus Using Wavelets with Applications to Radiotherapy Planning
Yi Gao, Benjamin W. Corn, Dan Schifter, Allen Tannenbaum

Cai, Weibo - Engineering in Translational Medicine, ebook

Engineering in Translational Medicine

Cai, Weibo


Table of contents
1. Engineering in Translational Medicine: An Introduction
Weibo Cai
Part I. Cell and Tissue Engineering
2. Stem Cells: The Holy Grail of Regenerative Medicine
Ram K. Singh, Snehal M. Gaikwad, Subhoshree Chatterjee, Pritha Ray
3. Engineering T Cells to Target Tumor Cells
Hiroki Torikai,