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Read, Colin - The Public Financiers, ebook

The Public Financiers

Read, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Colin Read
Section 1. First Forays into Tax Incidence and Public Policy
2. The Early Life of David Ricardo
Colin Read
3. The Times
Colin Read
4. The Theory
Colin Read
5. The Later Life of David Ricardo
Colin Read
6. The Early Life of Henry George

Dewulf, Geert - Strategic Issues in Public-Private Partnerships, ebook

Strategic Issues in Public-Private Partnerships

Dewulf, Geert


These projects require considerable capability and skills from both public sector and private sector managers involved, Strategic Issues in Public Private Partnerships, Second Edition, delivers the insight and tools necessary to

Mislick, Gregory K. - Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools, ebook

Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools

Mislick, Gregory K.


Brook, a professor in the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School, who spent many years working in the Department of Defense acquisition environment
Cost Estimation: Methods and Tools is an excellent reference for academics