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Hempel, Thomas - Usability of Speech Dialog Systems, ebook

Usability of Speech Dialog Systems

Hempel, Thomas


Speak to the Target Audience – Some Observations and Notes on the Pragmatics of Spoken Dialog Systems
Paul Heisterkamp

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, Marga Reimer - Descriptions and Beyond, ebook

Descriptions and Beyond

, Marga Reimer


anyone interested in definite and indefinite descriptions, reference, quantification, pragmatics, anaphora, dynamic binding and descriptive names will want to have this book and devour as much of it as they can. If you're a philosopher of language, or working in linguistic

Ferraro, Maria Brigida - Soft Methods for Data Science, ebook

Soft Methods for Data Science

Ferraro, Maria Brigida


Probabilistic Semantics and Pragmatics for the Language of Uncertainty
Stefan Kaufmann
37. Dynamic Analysis of the Development of Scientific Communities in the Field of Soft Computing
Ekaterina Kutynina, Alexander Lepskiy
38. Talk to Your Neighbour: