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Armitage, Rachel - Crime Prevention through Housing Design, ebook

Crime Prevention through Housing Design

Armitage, Rachel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rachel Armitage
Part I. Reducing Residential Crime through Design — Theory, Policy and Practice
2. Exploring the Theoretical Links between Design and Crime
Rachel Armitage
3. From Theory to Practice:…

Laybourn, Keith - The Battle for the Roads of Britain, ebook

The Battle for the Roads of Britain

Laybourn, Keith


The Challenge of Automobility and the Response of Policing in Britain: An Overview of a New Vista
1. The Challenge of Automobility and the Response of Policing in Britain: An Overview of a New Vista
Keith Laybourn, David

Hodges, Adam J. - World War I and Urban Order, ebook

World War I and Urban Order

Hodges, Adam J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: World War I and the City
Adam J. Hodges
2. Portland: Middle-Class Paradise or City of Struggle?
Adam J. Hodges
3. Policing Everyday Life: Federal Power, Local Elites, and Citizen Spies
Adam J. Hodges
4. Policing the Shipyards: The EFC and the Federal Struggle for

Pelton, Joseph N. - The New Gold Rush, ebook

The New Gold Rush

Pelton, Joseph N.


Table of contents
1. Why This Gold Rush Is Different
Joseph N. Pelton
2. A Space Cornucopia of Jobs, Resources and More
Joseph N. Pelton
3. The Expanding Use of Space in Communications, Navigation, Remote Sensing and Weather Satellites
Joseph N. Pelton
4. Commercial Space Transport, On-Orbit Servicing

Hoy, Joseph - Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis, ebook

Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis

Hoy, Joseph


This book is intended to be used as both a text book and as an aide memoire handbook by forensic radio survey engineers, particularly those working for official police agencies. The book provides a simple but detailed overview of the operation of cellular networks (GSM, UMTS and LTE, US

Kithinji, Michael Mwenda - Kenya After 50, ebook

Kenya After 50

Kithinji, Michael Mwenda


Kenya at Fifty: State Policing Reforms, Politics, and Law, 1963–2013
Wycliffe Nyachoti Otiso, Ruth Joyce Kaguta
11. Continuity and Change in Kenya’s Defense and Foreign Policies: The Impact of the New Security Dilemma
Oscar Gakuo Mwangi

Forsyth, Donelson R. - Leading Through Conflict, ebook

Leading Through Conflict

Forsyth, Donelson R.


Protest and Policing: Conflict, Justice, and History in Ferguson, Missouri
Susan Opotow
9. Forgiveness, Conflict, and Societal Change
Everett L. Worthington, Brandon J. Griffin, Caroline R. Lavelock

Ross, Stuart - Crime, Victims and Policy, ebook

Crime, Victims and Policy

Ross, Stuart


Care Bears and Crime-Fighters: Police Operational Styles and Victims of Crime
Dean Wilson, Marie Segrave
8. Victim Impact Statements, Sentencing and Contemporary Standards of Fairness in the Courtroom
Tracey Booth
9. Satisfied? Exploring Victims’

Akhgar, Babak - Application of Social Media in Crisis Management, ebook

Application of Social Media in Crisis Management

Akhgar, Babak


Legal Considerations Relating to the Police Use of Social Media
Fraser Sampson, Alison Lyle
Part IV. Testing and Evaluating the ATHENA System
12. Preliminary ATHENA Case Studies: Test-Bed Development and Delivery
Julij Jeraj, Andrej Fink, Alison Lyle,