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Ariola, Marco - Magnetic Control of Tokamak Plasmas, ebook

Magnetic Control of Tokamak Plasmas

Ariola, Marco


The Plasma Boundary and Its Identification
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
4. Modelling of the Resistive Wall Modes
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
Part II. Plasma Control
5. Plasma Magnetic Control Problem
Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti
6. Plasma

Carmignato, Simone - Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography, ebook

Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography

Carmignato, Simone


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography
Adam Thompson, Richard Leach
2. Principles of X-ray Computed Tomography
Petr Hermanek, Jitendra Singh Rathore, Valentina Aloisi, Simone Carmignato
3. X-ray Computed…

Chuang, Shun Lien - Physics of Photonic Devices, ebook

Physics of Photonic Devices

Chuang, Shun Lien


The most up-to-date book available on the physics of photonic devices
This new edition of Physics of Photonic Devices incorporates significant advancements in the field of photonics that have occurred since publication of the first edition (