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Adeli, Hojjat - New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, ebook

New Advances in Information Systems and Technologies

Adeli, Hojjat


IoT in Education: Integration of Objects with Virtual Academic Communities
Jack Marquez, Jhorman Villanueva, Zeida Solarte, Alexander Garcia
20. The Use of Information Systems in the Context of Indigenous Cultures
Joselice Ferreira Lima, Dener Guedes Mendonça,

Hirsch, Frederick - Mobile Web Services: Architecture and Implementation, ebook

Mobile Web Services: Architecture and Implementation

Hirsch, Frederick


These technologies bring forward the promise of services available at any time, in any place, and on any platform. Through mobile Web services, operators can offer new value-added services for their users, explore new business opportunities and increase revenue and

Joukov, Nikolai - Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016, ebook

Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2016

Joukov, Nikolai


Implementation of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Moving-Object Detection and Face Recognition
Sanjaa Bold, Batchimeg Sosorbaram, Seong Ro Lee
37. Robust Visual Communication System in Mobile Environments
Byung-Hun Oh, Kwang-Seok Hong
38. Medical

Wang, Yuanzhi - Education and Educational Technology, ebook

Education and Educational Technology

Wang, Yuanzhi


Teaching Object Oriented Database with Db4o
Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Yanying Zheng, Michael Berry, Yan Wang, Yeli Li
39. Application of Streaming Media Technology in Modern Distance Education
Rong Yu
40. Study on Innovation Mode of Quality Piano

Hung, Jason C - Frontier Computing, ebook

Frontier Computing

Hung, Jason C


The Study of Salient Object and BoF with SIFT for Image Retrieval
Yih-Chearng Shiue, Sheng-Hung Lo, Yi-Cheng Tian, Cheng-Wei Lin
82. Social Information Sub-topic Clustering Using News Tag
Ping-I Chen, Fu-Jheng Jheng
83. Evaluation of Shopping Website