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Krause, Egon - Computational Science and High Performance Computing IV, ebook

Computational Science and High Performance Computing IV

Krause, Egon


Table of contents
1. Adaptive Modelling of Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Flows with Wetting and Drying
Andreas Dedner, Dietmar Kröner, Nina Shokina
2. HPC Processor Technologies and Their Impact on Simulation
Michael M. Resch, Uwe Küster
3. A Parallel Implementation of FEM for a Boundary Value Problem for

Carmi, Avishy Y. - Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering, ebook

Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering

Carmi, Avishy Y.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Compressed Sensing and Sparse Filtering
Avishy Y. Carmi, Lyudmila S. Mihaylova, Simon J. Godsill
2. The Geometry of Compressed Sensing
Thomas Blumensath
3. Sparse Signal Recovery with Exponential-Family…

Sofonea, Mircea - Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics, ebook

Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics

Sofonea, Mircea


Table of contents
1. Convergence of Hencky-Type Discrete Beam Model to Euler Inextensible Elastica in Large Deformation: Rigorous Proof
Jean-Jacques Alibert, Alessandro Della Corte, Pierre Seppecher
2. Analysis of the Deformation of Cosserat…

Engeln-Müllges, Gisela - Numerik-Algorithmen, ebook


Engeln-Müllges, Gisela


Table of contents
1. Darstellung von Zahlen und Fehleranalyse, Kondition und Stabilität
Gisela Engeln-Müllges, Klaus Niederdrenk, Reinhard Wodicka
2. Numerische Verfahren zur Lösung nichtlinearer Gleichungen
Gisela Engeln-Müllges,…