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Dixit, Sudhir - Technologies for Home Networking, ebook

Technologies for Home Networking

Dixit, Sudhir


Technologies for Home Networking focuses on the latest technologies for speedier, more reliable wireless networking and explains how to facilitate workable end-to-end solutions from a user's perspective. With a balanced mix of practice and theory, this

Basagni, Stefano - Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, ebook

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking

Basagni, Stefano


From physical issues up to applications aspects, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking comprehensively covers all areas of the technology, including protocols and models, with an emphasis on the most current research and development in the rapidly growing area of ad hoc networks. All material has been

Hong, Y.-W. Peter - Cooperative Communications and Networking, ebook

Cooperative Communications and Networking

Hong, Y.-W. Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Y.-W. Peter Hong, Wan-Jen Huang, C.-C. Jay Kuo
2. Review of Wireless Communications and MIMO Techniques
Y.-W. Peter Hong, Wan-Jen Huang, C.-C. Jay Kuo
3. Two-User Cooperative Transmission Schemes
Y.-W. Peter Hong, Wan-Jen Huang, C.-C. Jay Kuo
4. Cooperative Transmission

Zhang, Yan - Autonomic Computing and Networking, ebook

Autonomic Computing and Networking

Zhang, Yan


Autonomic Networking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mengjie Yu, Hala Mokhtar, Madjid Merabti
13. iNetLab: A Model-Driven Development and Performance Engineering Environment for Autonomic Network Applications
Hiroshi Wada, Chonho Lee, Junichi Suzuki, Tetsuo

Medromi, Hicham - Advances in Ubiquitous Networking, ebook

Advances in Ubiquitous Networking

Medromi, Hicham


Advances in Ad hoc Networking: MANET, VANET, WSN, DTN, etc.
23. A Survey on QoS for OLSR Routing Protocol in MANETS
Fatima Lakrami, N. Elkamoun, M. El Kamili
24. New Classification of Nodes Cooperation in Delay Tolerant Networks
Salah Eddine Loudari,