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Cumming, Douglas - Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China, ebook

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in China

Cumming, Douglas


The Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor System and Corporate Governance in China
Lerong He
6. Accounting Performance Inflated by Private Equity before IPOs: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Hong Bo, Boying Xu
7. The Split-Share-Structure Reform in China:

Consterdine, Erica - Labour's Immigration Policy, ebook

Labour's Immigration Policy

Consterdine, Erica


Bringing the State Back In: Institutional Change and the Administrative Context
Erica Consterdine
7. An Unintended Consequence…
Erica Consterdine
8. Beyond New Labour
Erica Consterdine

Berlinski, Samuel - The Early Years, ebook

The Early Years

Berlinski, Samuel


Drawing Up an Institutional Architecture
Samuel Berlinski, Norbert Schady
8. The Task at Hand: Anything but Child’s Play
Samuel Berlinski, Norbert Schady

Rintoul, Suzanne - Intimate Violence and Victorian Print Culture, ebook

Intimate Violence and Victorian Print Culture

Rintoul, Suzanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Struggle to Represent Intimate Violence against Women
Suzanne Rintoul
Part I. Intimate Violence and Understandings of Class
2. Sensational Crime Street Literature, 1817–1880
Suzanne Rintoul
3. Oliver Twist, Journalistic Discourse, and the Working-Class Body