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Han, Song-I - NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering, ebook

NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering

Han, Song-I


Written in a simple and lively manner and backed by various industrial examples, the book begins with a look at hardware and methods, continuing on to cover porous materials, fluids and flow of increasing complexity from different fields of Chemical Engineering, before

Auer, Michael E. - Interactive Collaborative Learning, ebook

Interactive Collaborative Learning

Auer, Michael E.


The Future of “Hardware – Software Reconfigurable”
D. Ursutiu, C. Samoila, V. Jinga, F. Altoe
24. An Instrument for Creativity Potentiation - Remote Experiment
Cornel Samoilă, Doru Ursuțiu, Vlad Jinga
25. Spatial Orientation and 3D Geometry