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Bullinger, Hans-Jörg - Technology Guide, ebook

Technology Guide

Bullinger, Hans-Jörg


Table of contents
1. Technologies and the future
Axel Zweck
1. Materials and components
2. Metals
Uwe Glatzel, Rainer Völkl
3. Ceramics
Alexander Michaelis
4. Polymers
Franz Brandstetter, Jens Assmann
5. Composite…

Snyder, Cynthia - A User's Manual to the PMBOK Guide, ebook

A User's Manual to the PMBOK Guide

Snyder, Cynthia


This accessible Second Edition of A User's Manual to the PMBOK Guide walks the reader through the new Fifth Edition of the PMBOK Guide, beginning with the process definition, then a description of the intent of the process, followed by a discussion of

Magrab, Edward B. - An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica, ebook

An Engineer's Guide to Mathematica

Magrab, Edward B.

From 85,25€

Updated material includes:
- Creating regions and volumes of arbitrary shape and determining their properties: arc length, area, centroid, and area moment of inertia
- Performing integrations, solving equations, and determining the maximum and minimum values over regions of

Morris, Peter - The Wiley Guide to Project Control, ebook

The Wiley Guide to Project Control

Morris, Peter


Timely and accessible content on the traditional project management activities of control, risk, time and cost, and quality and value
The Wiley Guides to the Management of Projects address critical, need-to-know information that will help professionals successfully manage projects in

Tuominen, Kari - A Woman's Guide to the Army, ebook

A Woman's Guide to the Army

Tuominen, Kari


5 million Americans serve in the military, of which 22% are women? A Woman’s Guide to the Army from a Survivor is a detailed account of life in the military, addressing both positive and negative aspects of the service. Marguerite S. Patterson describes the life

Gwynne, Anthony - Guide to Building Control, ebook

Guide to Building Control

Gwynne, Anthony


Accompanied by detailed diagrams, tables and text offering an enlightened understanding of the complexities of Building Regs, this Guide is both an authoritative reference for use at planning stage and a practical handbook on site.
Students and professionals