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Bourhis, Eric Le - Glass: Mechanics and Technology, ebook

Glass: Mechanics and Technology

Bourhis, Eric Le


Interdisciplinary in his approach, the author discusses both the science and technology, starting with glass past and present, its structure, and rheology. The sections on properties include mechanical strength and contact resistance, ageing, mechanics of glass

El-Meliegy, Emad - Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications, ebook

Glasses and Glass Ceramics for Medical Applications

El-Meliegy, Emad


Table of contents
1. History, Market and Classification of Bioceramics
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
2. Selection Criteria of Ceramics for Medical Applications
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
3. Grouping of Ions in Ceramic Solids
Emad El-Meliegy, Richard Noort
4. Formulation of Medical Glasses

Kaur, Gurbinder - Bioactive Glasses, ebook

Bioactive Glasses

Kaur, Gurbinder


The Potential of Glasses /Ceramics as Bioactive Materials
Gurbinder Kaur
6. Apatites : A Mark of Bioactivity
Gurbinder Kaur
7. Mechanical Behavior of Bioactive Glasses/Ceramics
Gurbinder Kaur

Marchi, Juliana - Biocompatible Glasses, ebook

Biocompatible Glasses

Marchi, Juliana


The Evolution, Control, and Effects of the Compositions of Bioactive Glasses on Their Properties and Applications
Breno Rocha Barrioni, Agda Aline Rocha Oliveira, Marivalda de Magalhães Pereira
5. What Can We Learn from Atomistic Simulations of Bioactive Glasses?

Gutzow, Ivan S. - Glasses and the Glass Transition, ebook

Glasses and the Glass Transition

Gutzow, Ivan S.

From 171,10€

It covers all the steps involved, from vitrification, relaxation and viscosity, right up to the prediction of glass properties, paving the way for improved methods and applications.
For solid state physicists and chemists, materials scientists, and those working

Affatigato, Mario - Modern Glass Characterization, ebook

Modern Glass Characterization

Affatigato, Mario


The book consists of a series of edited chapters, each written by an expert in the field and focusing on a particular characterization technique as applied to glass.  The book covers a variety of techniques ranging from the very common (like Raman and FTIR) to the most recent (and less

Wallenberger, Frederick T. - Fiberglass and Glass Technology, ebook

Fiberglass and Glass Technology

Wallenberger, Frederick T.


High-Strength Glass Fibers and Markets
Robert L. Hausrath, Anthony V. Longobardo
6. Compositions of Industrial Glasses
Antonín Smrček
7. Design of New Energy-Friendly Compositions
Paul A. Bingham
8. Basics of Melting and Glass Formation

Holand, Wolfram - Glass Ceramic Technology, ebook

Glass Ceramic Technology

Holand, Wolfram


Glass-ceramic materials share many properties with both glass and more traditional crystalline ceramics. This new edition examines the various types of glass-ceramic materials, the methods of their development, and

Takayama, Kazuyoshi - Professor I. I. Glass: A Tribute and Memorial, ebook

Professor I. I. Glass: A Tribute and Memorial

Takayama, Kazuyoshi


Memories from My Entrance into the World of Shock Wave Phenomena as a PhD Student of Professor Glass and My Association with Him Thereafter
Ozer Igra
4. Shockwaves Coming, Shockwaves Going An Aerodynamic Journey from Toronto to Amsterdam
Bram Elsenaar