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Tuniz, Claudio - I lettori di ossa, ebook

I lettori di ossa

Tuniz, Claudio


Table of contents
1. Junette
Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie, Cheryl Jones
Parte prima. Approdo
2. Padroni del tempo e scienziati padreterni
Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie, Cheryl Jones
3. Luce e calore
Claudio Tuniz, Richard…

Duke, Philip John - Synchrotron Radiation: Production and Properties, ebook

Synchrotron Radiation: Production and Properties

Duke, Philip John


This book introduces in a thorough and self-contained way the production of electromagnetic radiation by high energy electron storage rings. This radiation, which is called synchroton radiation, has become a research tool of wide application. Physicists,…

Daley, Tim - A Play for Oil, ebook

A Play for Oil

Daley, Tim


Table of contents
1. Rocks Work
Tim Daley
2. Oil Play
Tim Daley
3. Drilling Reflections
Tim Daley
4. Interpretation in Time
Tim Daley
5. New Adventures
Tim Daley
6. The Field of Prospects
Tim Daley

Kerimov, V. Y. - Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs, ebook

Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Kerimov, V. Y.


Whether as a textbook for the petroleum engineering student or a reference for the veteran engineer working in the field, this new volume is a valuable asset in the engineer’s library for new, tested methods of more efficient oil and gas exploration…

Dachroth, Wolfgang - Handbuch der Baugeologie und Geotechnik, ebook

Handbuch der Baugeologie und Geotechnik

Dachroth, Wolfgang


Table of contents
1. Erkunden und Beschreiben des Untergrundes für bautechnische Zwecke
Wolfgang Dachroth, Jiri Brezina
2. Geogene Gefahren
Wolfgang Dachroth
3. Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung – Leitfaden zur Festlegung des geowissenschaftlichen…