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Calow, Peter P. - Handbook of Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, ebook

Handbook of Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

Calow, Peter P.


At the heart of environmental protection is risk assessment: the likelihood of pollution from accidents; the likelihood of problems from normal and abnormal operation of industrial processes; the likely impacts associated with new synthetic chemicals; and so on. Currently, risk assessment

Luczak, Marcin - MARE-WINT, ebook


Luczak, Marcin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Raza Ali Mehdi, Wiesław Ostachowicz, Marcin Luczak
Part I. Wind Turbine Blades
2. Design of Wind Turbine Blades
Malcolm McGugan
3. Damage Sensing in Blades
Borja Hernandez Crespo
4. Fibre…

Ervine, Kate - Carbon, ebook


Ervine, Kate


Taking the reader from carbon dioxide as chemical compound abundant in nature to carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas, from the role of carbon in the rise of global capitalism to its role in reinforcing and expanding existing patterns of global inequality, and from carbon as object of environmental