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Doumeingts, Guy - Enterprise Interoperability, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability

Doumeingts, Guy


Enterprise Interoperability Architecture
4. Formalizing Analysis of Enterprise Architecture
Pontus Johnson, Lars Nordström, Robert Lagerström
5. To Adapt or Not to Adapt, That is the Question
Willem-Jan Heuvel
6. Value object analysis and the transformation

Popplewell, Keith - Enterprise Interoperability IV, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability IV

Popplewell, Keith


Unified Reversible Life Cycle for Future Interoperable Enterprise Distributed Information Systems
Zhiying Tu, Gregory Zacharewicz, David Chen
Part II. Enterprise Modeling for Enterprise Interoperability
7. A Meta-model

Jardim-Gonçalves, Ricardo - Enterprise Interoperability VII, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability VII

Jardim-Gonçalves, Ricardo


Modelling the Enterprise Interoperability
5. Requirement Pattern Elicitation Approach of Massive Customers in Domain Oriented Service Requirement Engineering
Zhiying Tu, Xiaofei Xu
6. Semantic Data Integration Approach for the Vision of a Digital Factory

Gonçalves, Ricardo J. - Enterprise Interoperability II, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability II

Gonçalves, Ricardo J.


Enterprise Modelling and Interoperability Engineering
1. Requirements for Implementing Business Process Models through Composition of Semantic Web Services
Ingo Weber
2. Requirements Engineering for Improving Business/IT Alignment in Security Risk Management

Poler, Raúl - Enterprise Interoperability V, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability V

Poler, Raúl


Towards Flexibility and Dynamic Coordination in Computer-Interpretable Enterprise Process Models
Christoph J. Stettina, Lucas P. J. Groenewegen, Bernhard R. Katzy
11. A Semantic Platform for Enterprise Knowledge Interoperability

Mertins, Kai - Enterprise Interoperability III, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability III

Mertins, Kai


An Approach for the Evaluation of the Agility in the Context of Enterprise Interoperability
S. Izza, R. Imache, L. Vincent, Y. Lounis
2. Industrialization Strategies for Cross-organizational Information Intensive Services
Christoph Schroth
3. SME Maturity,

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean - Digital Enterprise Design & Management, ebook

Digital Enterprise Design & Management

Benghozi, Pierre‐Jean


Towards a Model-Driven-Architecture Process for Smart Grid Projects
Christian Dänekas, Christian Neureiter, Sebastian Rohjans, Mathias Uslar, Dominik Engel
6. SP-AHP: An IT System for Collaborative Multi-criteria Decision-Making
Thomas Reichel, Gudula